He 111 in BOS

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Hi can anyone help ?
I can't develop full power in any variant of He 111 for takeoff. Tried all settings & flashcards for COD.

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  1. Torric270's Avatar
    Not sure what game you are wanting info for so I will answer for both:

    For BOS: Make sure prop pitch is at 100% after starting the engines, I believe they start at 0%.

    For CLOD: Try the H-6 as it has the constant speed props, prop pitch to 100%.

    For the earlier versions they have a variable manual prop pitch. You will have up/neutral/down setting which will probably be reversed from your constant speed up/down. (can be reversed in control settings) There is a "clock" gauge above the landing gear indicator lights that show you your prop pitch setting. For takeoff you want to be a 12:00. These have to be constantly adjusted to keep in the allowable range.
  2. ilario38's Avatar
    I am not yet flying with 111 but this explanation is very good and useful.
    By the way , I have the same problem with Ju 88.
    I take off at 180 Km/h , i reach 100 m. altitude but the speed at full throttle does nnot go over 190 /200 km/h. Always very close to sthal. Until it sthals
    My procedureis:
    -Fuel Tanks-
    -Radiators ccoolant and oil full open
    -Waming up
    - Taxiing -Once on the runway, full brakes full throttle ( 1900 rpm) , rolling and taking off at 190 km/h

    And so I will remain: 190,
    Obviously I do not know if the propellers are constant round or there is a variable pitch: i have the imputs available since I fly with other planes with varable pitch , but they do not work.
    Thanks a lot for your help.
  3. Torric270's Avatar
    In the 88 you will have a "clock" gauge on the engine nacelles and prop pitch will up represented with with up/--/down if you have variable pitch props.

    Before takeoff make sure your "clock" reads 12:00 or if constant speed chat has 100% prop.

    After liftoff and you are climbing, make sure your gear goes all the way up (gauge in front of throttles) and flaps are up (same gauge) While still climbing and keeping rpm's under control, start lowering the nose to speed up to ~250 km/h for the climb.

    Also check your fuel/bomb loadout. You can start out with about 40% fuel and no bombs to start with and work your way up from there (adding bombs). I see no need to take more than 50% fuel 99% of the time.
    Updated Oct-22-2020 at 16:01 by Torric270