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Hey TF,

I just wanted to post this here. Maybe it is something that needs looking into? Some players are experiencing problems when trying to load the servers list.

Meyer and I tried to troubleshoot it but no joy...

Thanks for looking into it.

Edit: tried Win7 compatibility mode and deleting 1C SoftClub folder besides all the connection tests I mention in the Steam thread (that worked). Also tried clearing the filters to make sure the problem wasn’t there.
And he’s on Win10, same as me.
I run the game in Win7 compatibility mode (it works for me).

Good morning. I have tha same problem, I never managed to see and objiously joh TF#3 . I can play in almost all the servers appearing on the list on Il 2 CloD-Blitz. I also tried with direct request on the TF srrver but with no success. Any idea how to solve this problem. Thank you
PS my OC is windows 10 and the PC is meeting all the requirements for this came.

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