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Hi guys i am all too excited to join the group i can't wait to join the good fights!!! A salute to all and i hope to meet up in the sky!

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  1. ATAG_Snapper's Avatar
    Hi d00mmaker,

    Please don’t hesitate to post up in the forum with any questions you may have - we’re here to help. Also, don’t hesitate to jump online either in the ATAG Allied vs Axis server (Blitz) or the TFS #3 server (Desert Wings Tobruk). We’re a friendly bunch. If you have any sort of microphone, be sure to download and install Teamspeak 3 (it’s free ) and join us on any of the ATAG channels. We’re always pleased to see new players. The fellas can show you what to do, and I’m very good at showing folks what NOT to do! LOL

    Cheers and hope you stop by often.