External View Utility for Recorded Tracks

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Hi all,

As Colander is simply amazing, he has made a utility that allows tracks recorded on our server (closed cockpit) to be processed which then allows external views in the track. So for all you movie makers, this now allows you to make a movie however you want on an external view server

UPDATE - This will only work if you have custom skins disabled while recording the track.
UPDATE 2 (from Colander) - I've modified it to handle the skins. Please report any issues found

Basically you will upload your track to the utility and it will process it and enable external views in the track to make your movie or even just to watch

We have a special user group setup on the forums that will allow access to the utility. That means you must be logged into the forums, and have access to the user group in order to process a track with the utility.

There is a "Track Editor" navbar button at the top of the forums that you will direct your tracks to.

Please request access in this thread.

Here's an example movie from the ATAG's Axis vs Allies with a processed track to allow external views made by ATAG_Keller

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