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Sortie 8

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Sortie 8 - Jan 24th
Kanalkampf map
Spit 1a from Tangmere

Took off in formation with fellow 92 Sqn. pilots Moonbird, Mike and Philstyle as my element leader. Low flak over the field made everyone nervous and heading out to sea we went head on with a contact which fired at Philstyle taking out his radiator. Neither Phil nor I fired though since the contact was a friendly Spitfire! Phil made a quick RTB and we formed up again, climbing towards the Isle of Wight in nice tight formation. As we approached we spotted a sequence of contacts, each one proving to be a friendly until we saw some flak over Bembridge and a 109. This was engaged by me with hits seen on its left wing, however I pulled off when friendly aircraft began shoulder shooting. Enemy was last seen heading South streaming from both radiators. At this point I landed at Bembridge.

1 109 Damaged

(Unfortunately my dinner was ready so needed to leave the sortie early! Bummer!)

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