Sorties 3 and 4 - Patrolling Dunkirk

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Today I flew two more sorties. It was the Dynamo map, which I like very much because all the action is concentrated at one area but you have lots of options to attack. There weren't many people on the server at the beginning, just around 35. But then more people joined before the map was rolled.

So on to the reports:

Sortie 3

Brias - Freie Jagd over BEF concentration NW of Dunkirk.

I took off from Brias in a Me 109 (Bf 109E-3) and headed straight N gaining altitude. I reached the target area at BD22 and started a patrol at Halo 45, awaiting the friendly Stuka flown by Canvas Knight. The area was clear, with no fighters posing a threat. The enemy fighters were mostly low over Oye Plage and not seeming to care that there were targets further east. Canvas Knight then dropped his bombs and strafed the targets until running out of ammo. After that, he returned home. I retreated to St. Omer to wait for his second sortie. When he got there there was a fight between some 12 planes going on just north of his target, over the ships. Canvas Knight had to loiter at a safe distance until the enemy fighters weren't a threat anymore. I started picking the targets from above. I engaged a Spitfire first on the deck, got hits on his right wing but he bugged out. Then I saw a Hurricane further away from the furball and engaged him on a climb. I got good hits on him. After a second pass he had to bail just over the water NE of Oye Plage. I then climbed again and started looking for more targets. At this point there weren't so many aircraft flying anymore. I saw a Hurricane over water NW of the infantry positions we were to attack. I engaged him and he crashed E of Oye Plage. I then climbed back up and looked for enemy fighters. I looked clear. Canvas Knight then came in with his Stuka and finished the targets at BD22.5. He then headed home as I turned S to go land back at Brias Airfield. I landed safely with 21 rounds in each cannon.

Sortie #3: 1 Spitfire damaged, 2 Hurricanes

Sortie 4

Sortie 4 was uneventful. Mostly because the map rolled before anything could happen. I took off from Brias heading to the target area around Dunkirk again. When I got there, I engaged a Spitfire from three which were flying S of Oye Plage. Canvas Knight was being engaged and I went to help. The Spitfires apparently lost him and two of them turned to me. The third just headed NE to Dunkirk.
One of the two Spitfires left was flying below my 6, just following my movements. The second ended up disengaging too. I started my first drop on the remaining Spitfire, which must have been some 1000 m beloew me. He obviously was expecting my dive, so he had no problem turning hard and throwing off my aim. I can't remember if it was before or after I made my first pass, but then the message came up, that blue had destroyed all targets. I started heading home and saw tracers flying up past my aircraft. I then attacked the Spitfire two more times, dragging the fight south. After my thrid pass ge tried to pull his guns on me and stalled. When I dove on his belly, the server went offline and the Spitfire just flew upside down past me. It was time to leave.

Sortie #4: no claims

I then ended flying one more sortie on the Ships at Littlestone in the Fall map and then in Axis Dogfight before making a break just for fun.

I will probably fly some more serious sorties tonight with more people online.

So far, 4 sorties, 7 kills.

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  1. Joker's Avatar
    Nice read as ever. Thanks for posting the log.

    See you in the clouds