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      Thank you for clicking on the Donations button. Great news! Team Fusion Simulations has found a new home for the ATAG Server and ATAG Teamspeak. Not only are these new servers more powerful in speed and bandwidth, but the annual cost has been reduced by almost 60% from the former aging server! To maintain ATAG's high quality of service, we still need your help! ATAG's Axis vs Allies server is $108 monthly. We operate it 24/7 at no cost to the player, we welcome any and all to fly the virtual skies as often as desired. To do this, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

      - The ATAG group
      January Goal: 108.00
      Due Date: Jan 31
      Total Receipts: 150.00
      Above Goal 42
      Site Currency: USD
      January Donations
      Jan-16   ATAG_SKUD USD15.00
      Jan-14   AOB USD10.00
      Jan-13   ATAG_Slot USD5.00
      Jan-8   ATAG_SKUD USD10.00
      Jan-7   dazza USD5.00
      Jan-6   ATAG_JackMaxx USD10.00
      Jan-3   ATAG_Eshark USD25.00
      Jan-3   freewheel USD10.00
      Jan-3   Tmaxson USD5.00
      Jan-2   ATAG_Knight USD15.00
      Jan-2   von Graf USD10.00
      Jan-1   ATAG_Snarglepuss USD15.00
      Jan-1   ATAG_Jeepy USD15.00
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