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      In November, 2018 the transfer of ownership was completed from ATAG_Bliss to Team Fusion Simulations (TFS). The main ATAG Server continues as before as non-profit, operating entirely from your donations. This server costs $249.99 US monthly. Our monthly donation goal has been reduced accordingly since TFS has assumed the operational costs of Server #2, this forum, and other incidental expenses. The use of Steam for patch and update distribution has eliminated the substantial bandwidth charges ATAG formerly incurred. The ATAG Server operates 24/7 free of charge to the player and everyone is welcome. Please consider making a small donation to help us keep it going. Thank you!
      May Goal: 207.50
      Due Date: May 31
      Total Receipts: 220.00
      Above Goal 12.5
      Site Currency: USD
      May Donations
      May-19   gman USD50.00
      May-11   JackMaXX USD10.00
      May-7   Duessel-Jaeger USD20.00
      May-7   faf956 USD5.00
      May-2   ATAG_Kulea USD10.00
      May-2   ATAG_Knight USD15.00
      May-1   ATAG_Vampire USD10.00
      May-1   DRock USD20.00
      May-1   ATAG_Scones USD10.00
      May-1   Noofy USD15.00
      May-1   ATAG_Snarglepuss USD15.00
      Apr-30   ATAG_Jeepy USD20.00
      Apr-30   ATAG_Pattle USD10.00
      Apr-30   farley USD10.00
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