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      Hey everyone,

      To maintain ATAG's high quality of service, we need your help! ATAG's Axis vs Allies server is $249.99 monthly. We operate it 24/7 at no cost to the player, we welcome any and all to fly the virtual skies as often as desired. To do this, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

      - The ATAG group
      July Goal: 204.07
      Due Date: Jul 31
      Total Receipts: 196.55
      Below Goal 7.52
      Site Currency: USD
      July Donations
      Jul-17   gonk USD5.00
      Jul-13   faf956 USD5.00
      Jul-12   JackMaXX USD10.00
      Jul-11   Twin USD10.00
      Jul-8   ATAG_Scones USD10.00
      Jul-5   ATAG_Kulea USD10.00
      Jul-5   ATAG_Highseas USD5.00
      Jul-2   ATAG_Knight USD15.00
      Jul-1   ATAG_Noofy USD15.00
      Jul-1   ATAG_Snarglepuss USD15.00
      Jul-1   ATAG_Jeepy USD20.00
      Jul-1   Gatto Pardo 23 USD15.00
      Jun-30   Anonymous USD20.00
      Jun-30   ATAG_DRock USD11.55
      Jun-30   farley USD10.00
      Jun-30   ATAG_Pattle USD10.00
      Jun-30   Stormrider USD10.00
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