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Thread: does the Lighthouse object work

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    does the Lighthouse object work

    I am toying around with an idea for a night map.
    I have got the airfield lights working all hooked up to generators and the AI onpower.cpp so I am happy that the searchights have a good chance to function (in its buggy way). Then I see the lighthouse object and wanted to try to make it work as well. So I followed the same method in a different location but it did not appear to light up ( I assumed it would function a bit like a horizontal searchlight. Maybe it needs a ship nearby to trigger it or possibly more than one generator

    So I am asking if anyone has got this to work at all after all these yeas of CloD
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    Re: does the Lighthouse object work


    Can we get an official ruling here does the light house work in Multi? if not does it light up in single player, and how?

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    Re: does the Lighthouse object work

    No, Lighthouse don't work (have light).

    BTW - Neither airfield lights need generator + onpower.ccp, they are turned ON automatically at 20:00 (PM) and turned OFF at 3:49 (AM).

    There's a airfield light that are very bright, but unfortunately don't have height adjustable, or could be a reasonable workaround for Lighthouse.

    Anyway lights in CloD is visible only at very close range.


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