Two zip packs at the bottom of this containi a number of skins. My idea was to give people some variations on skins with clear ID markings that they could use in the Bomber server in order to easily ID each other if they were practising combat manoeuvres.

All the camo on the Spitfires and Hurricanes are blended versions of Skins and Templates produced by MAJOR SETBACK and KEEFY (Checkmysix) and i claim no credit at all for the superb base skins. All ive done is put on the white id markings.

Also included in the spitty pack is my rough early attempt at a pink PR1G complete with camera portals and a shark smouth spitfire skin. Again the skin for the shark and the machine parts on both are mixes of skins produced by MAJOR SETBACK and KEEFY' (whos 110 template i ripped the sharks mouth from before shaping and altering it to fit).

Hurri Nose bands.JPG Spit White Nose.JPG Spit Nose Bands.JPG Spit ID Bands.JPG Spit Shark.JPG PR1G.JPG Hurri Wing bands.JPG Hurri White Tail.JPG Hurri White Nose.JPG Spit White Tail.JPG

Hurri Training Pack.zip

Spit Pack.zip