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Thread: DCS Normandy Map and WW2 Assets available May 26th!

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    Re: DCS Normandy Map and WW2 Assets available May 26th!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mysticpuma View Post
    Looks really nice Larry.
    Can I ask a question?
    Were the frame-rate stutters due to the graphics settings, your machine or encoding?

    Not sure if you have seen this link but someone created a 39 aircraft B-17 formation (to download) so maybe a few more skins could be added by you?

    Cheers, MP
    The microstutters are pretty standard in Normandy. In VR, to get the level.of smoothness in the vid, you have to turn off MSAA, so you also get the shimmers and jaggy shadows. Have to say though, that otherwise, all my settings are on high.
    The stutters do seem to come and go, they are not present all the time.
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