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Thread: IL2 1946 OPERATION SEALION expansion pack

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    IL2 1946 OPERATION SEALION expansion pack,56370.0.html

    B.A.T. V3.1 OPERATION SEALION expansion pack is out and is a BATTLE of BRITAIN mod for IL2 1946.
    They have done a lot of work on this with new aircraft skins and updated battle of Britain map and lots of other stuff.
    Well worth having a look at and using the B.A.T. mod and its 12 other expansion packs from ww 1 up to modern jets and even helicopters.

    It is a very large download. go to the bottom of the page in this link to see the 3 files to be on your way.,53691.0.html

    first file is 50 gig.
    second is 9.8 gig.
    third is 2.6 gig.

    its huge but its got everything you can possibly imagine for 1946.
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