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    Forum Rules

    Hi everyone,

    We’ve been very fortunate to have had a large influx of new forum members here of late; we’re fast approaching 14,000 registered members! Without a doubt, when TFS 5.0 is released those numbers will swell considerably.

    Keeping this in mind, this forum has some basic rules that are essentially predicated on common sense:

    1) No personal attacks on fellow forum members or squads. Got a problem with a fellow player or another squad, be it here or on the server? Don’t air it here, instead pop me a Private Mail. I will go to extreme lengths to get the issue resolved to hopefully everyone’s satisfaction privately, quickly, and discreetly. Many long time forum members will know exactly of what I speak.

    2) No bad or offensive language. We are not cloistered monks here, but this is a family-friendly forum where young players are welcome, plus anyone of any age is very welcome as a guest to do aviation-based historical research here. Many of us work in environments that can be unpleasant, stressful, competitive, etc etc, so we come here to relax and see what’s up with our favourite sim. We try to keep this forum a nice place to visit.

    3) Please stay away from the usual hotkey topics involving politics, sex/gender issues, religion, 100 octane* etc etc. Twitter is a great place to go to war on all that stuff - not here!
    *old timers here will know exactly what I mean! LOL

    I think that’s it.

    Thanks to all for your many contributions here!


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