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Thread: New to CLOD..

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    New to CLOD..

    Hi All:

    Just wanted to give you guys a big thank you for sharing your experience and tips and tricks. I have scoured the forums and I am going to tackle the dynamic campaign!!

    I have been away for about 9 years. Last WWII flight sim was Forgotten Battles!! Yeah been a while!!lol.

    I would like to eventually get the newest, but thought the price was right for COD.

    Hope to see you guys in the skies soon on Multiplayer

    dizzy out!!

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    Re: New to CLOD..

    Hello Dizzy and a BIG welcome. Do join in on our TeamSpeak server as u will find help that will fast track the learning curve. Above all, have fun.
    System specs:
    Gaming laptop: Metabox P750ZM, CPU Intel i7-4790K @ 4GHz, GTX 980m with 8Gb DDR5 VRAM, 16Gb Dual channel DDR3 RAM, 2 x Samsung EVO 840 500Gb SSDs, Win10 Home 64bit.

    Gaming PC: Asus Rampage III Gene mobo, i7 960 3.2Ghz cpu (running at 3.8Ghz), Noctua dual HS & fan cpu cooler, 24GB Kingston 1600mhz triple channel ram, Samsung EVO 500GB SSD, Corsair 750w psu, EVGA GTX 1070 6GB vram vid card, Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

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    Re: New to CLOD..

    Welcome to Cliffs mate

    If Axis planes are your thing then I would be happy to give a helping hand with getting them up and running, if you see my tag on Teamspeak just come on to the channel and ask.

    Lewis will be along soon with lots of great info for people starting out with Cliffs too.

    See you in the skies Dizzy

    "Speed is life. Altitude is life insurance. Surprise is key."

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    Re: New to CLOD..

    Hi Dizzy........welcome to CLoD and the ATAG Forums and Servers. Don't worry, Cliffs is one of the newest flight sims out there (and one of the cheapest!) but in many ways the best. And it is still being improved and has a bright future. We are expecting the release of a whole new scenario for Cliffs in the near future....Patch 5 'Tobruk' which is going to blow our collective socks off! So get in now and get training! Good luck and hope to meet you in our virtual skies very soon! Salute!
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    Re: New to CLOD..

    Hi Dizzy

    Welcome to the party that is BLITZ . You've already had some great advice by my ATAG brothers and I can only echo what they've already posted .

    You've certainly chosen a great time to get involved . Have fun and if you need any assistance don't hesitate to ask .

    Good Luck

    "Rules are put in place for the guidance of the wise and the obedience of fools" - J W Thomas

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    Re: New to CLOD..

    welcome to the CLOD community, it does appear to find you rather than the other way round but when your actually here the fun potential is un-limited if you find a good group to enjoy it with.!

    As the others have said it is always a good idea to hop on TS ask questions, get involved!

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    Re: New to CLOD..

    Welcome Mate

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    Re: New to CLOD..

    Welcome to the Community and Forums dizzy9o9...~S~

    Checkout the 'Beginners Guide'...for info and tips...It will save you a heap of time in getting up to scratch.....and its a really fun learning curve too...

    Beginners Guide

    Windows Management Guide

    Also try youtube for startup procedures on all the aircraft...

    I recommend getting in the online server as soon as you can take off if that's ultimately where you'd like to fly...I flew single player for 30 minutes before I took the plunge...The ATAG online server is a great environment to learn and there's not really any damage you can do in there as a new player.....It is also mission based just with real players trying to foil your objectives...If you are concerned then pick an airstrip furthest from the front line (there always is one or two on every map) and get some alt before you go hunting...You'll get tagged a lot but there are tricks you learn out of pure desperation in those first few weeks that you'll be able to use later...I know cos I still use the same tricks I learned then too because they work...and never underestimate the stall to get you out of a tight fix...That sometimes works too...

    TeamSpeak is optional but you'll learn a whole lot faster with it even if you say very little once you are on the server...You are quite welcome to just listen if you feel more comfortable with you don't actually need a mic either...Try it and see!

    Here are a few fun, helpful and interesting links amongst these forums you might want to bag for future reference...

    Most Watched CLOD Videos

    Easy Allied CEM for New Players

    Joystick and Hardware Thread

    ATAG Forum Age Poll Results

    Nvidea Control Panel Settings


    Contact spotting is massively important in any flight sim...Seeing that enemy before he sees you is a race you don't want to be second in...Check this link to see if you can tweak your rig any better...

    Contact Spotting Test

    Don't forget to keep up with the latest on the TeamFusion new aircraft and patch news...You could well be AMAZED!

    TeamFusion Facebook Updates

    And finally...Please take the time to have a read of some of the stories of military family adventures by a few of the members of this forum...and maybe share yours with us...~S~

    A Tribute to Those Who Served

    Any questions then you've come to the right place....

    Good to have you with us buddy...and remember its all about the Fun!!!



    Any UK members please let us know where abouts in the UK you are...Just for reference...Its always good to know just incase there happen to be folks who can help you or you can help a joystick from or even just a chat in a pub with someone who is likeminded...

    UK Based Player Location thread

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