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Thread: Advertising for Ed & VEAO: this could be what you get.

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    Advertising for Ed & VEAO: this could be what you get.

    Yes Ed is PATHETIC. They let VEAO rip off customers and have never done a thing to shut down that bunch of (insert appropriate word here) ___ artists. There pre purchase policy is that they don't give refunds on pre purchases. Yet, they supposedly made an announcement in their VEAO thread(I never saw it, and still haven't) on the ED Forum that they would give a refund for a limited time( one week as I understand it). VEAO never e-mailed(they required e-mails for pre purchase) anyone advising them of the offer for a refund. Once I did see the whole debacle I asked for a refund and Pman said I had missed the offered period for the refund. I PMed him and explained my situation that I rarely visited the ED Forums anymore and that that is why I missed it. I also asked why had they not emailed me the offer. The only response I received was that their lawyers had advised them not to give anymore refunds. So here I am almost 4 years later still waiting on the pre purchased P40. No big deal being banned over there because nineline(or whatever name he is going by this week) is a total D____ H____ anyway. So any chance I see to share this story online that I can, I will so that maybe no one else will be burned by VEAO. What goes around comes around. VEAO has charged me 40$, and they have not produced a product in almost 4 years. So they way I see it I was charged an advertising fee and I intend to give them their 40$ worth of Truthful Advertising.

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    Re: Advertising for Ed & VEAO: this could be what you get.

    Hello Blade

    It is certainly unfortunate VEAO has not delivered on their promise.

    And yes, DCS should probably make it very clear they are unhappy, and will not deal further with this company until they provide the goods they were selling.

    Closing this thread... not that I don't sympathize with your opinion, but any monetary issues should really be dealt with over on the DCS or VEAO forums.

    In the meantime, at TFS, we can certainly promise you we'll have a couple of P-40's for you to fly when we release TF 5.0... and no pre-sales... just product.

    We hope you will consider purchasing TF-5.0 and giving our versions of these birds a whirl!

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