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Thread: Johnny Plagis Skin

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    Johnny Plagis Skin

    The Invasion stripes are enough to tell you that this skin is not of the BOB period. But, just because I thought it would be fun to do, I took the paint scheme of Johnny Plagis' Spitfire ML214 (a Mk IX) and applied it to the Mk IIa of Blitz.

    I started this some time ago (2017) but didn't get round to posting it because I was never satisfied with my work - there was always some tweaking to do.

    I'm still tweaking but here it is - Johnny Plagis' Spitfire ML214:

    Spitfire ML214 JP (6).jpgSpitfire ML214 JP (2).jpgSpitfire ML214 JP (3).jpgSpitfire ML214 JP (4).jpgSpitfire ML214 JP (5).jpgSpitfire ML214 JP (6).jpg

    Hope you like it.
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    Re: Johnny Plagis Skin

    Those screens look sharp and 4 k or something..very nice shots!

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