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Thread: Saitek Flight Panels

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    Red face Saitek Flight Panels

    After enjoying a couple of years using my Saitek Flight Panels, I updated the DCSFlightpanel software, and lost my ability to use them. It never occurred until tonight that the update is what caused it.

    I have reinstalled the below version, and can confirm that all my panels function in the "Key Emulator Mode" This includes both of my Radio Panels [PZ69]. I use one for bombing[dials for salvo/distance/grouping/etc and the other as my autopilot with the dial being the gyro, and heading increase/decrease].


    I have;
    Switch Panel,
    Multi Panel,
    2x Radio Panels

    They all work great!

    I hope this help anyone who has issues getting them to work, like the issues I have had.
    Now to figure out how to get the TF DeviceLink to work with the displays.

    This also allows the key emulator to work with the IL2 BOS collection, and Rise of Flight.
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