Just wondering what everyone's, and TFS, opinions are on the in-game sound effects for the engines of aircraft on start-up/shutdown?

A thought for future (and a bit of a sneaky request) to have some of that lovely whirring of the starter on startup, and the beautiful blade/nosecone grating sound on shutdown after the engine itself is put to bed.
Moreso in-cockpit than anything else, I did notice that while we don't have any "blade effects," we do have some engine starter sound effects from the outside view already.

Would this be a viable upgrade in future? Also not sure if I noticed something about engine sound adjustments in the updates or not, apologies if they have been mentioned

Also at a bit of a curiosity as to how much work this sort of thing would require from the "Sound Team?"

"Props" once again for all of TFS hard work already, awesome to hear the update is currently about to go through testing! Can't wait to try it out chaps!