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Thread: Aircraft Guides, Tutorials and Useful Information for Pilots

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    Aircraft Guides, Tutorials and Useful Information for Pilots

    This is intended to be a comprehensive list of recommended reading material and guides for newer and veteran pilots alike for Cliffs of Dover.

    Chuck's Guide to Cliffs of Dover - The most comprehensive guide of everything Cliffs of Dover. Made for earlier versions so lacks some information on newer A/C but still very helpful.

    Basic Flight Theory


    Team Fusion Wiki Flight Manuals

    Spitfire Mk IIa Startup, Take-off, and Landing Flashcard

    A New Pilot's Guide to the Spitfire

    Supermarine Spitfire controls

    Hawker Hurricane controls

    New Pilot First RAF Fighter Airplane Recommendation - Hurricane MkI

    Blenheim controls

    Blenheim High-Altitude Level Bombing Guide

    Bristol Beaufighter controls

    Ju 88 Tutorials

    Fiat G.50 controls

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 controls

    Heinkel He 111 controls

    Junkers Ju 87 (Stuka) controls

    Junkers Ju 88 controls

    Bf 109 and G50 rad settings

    Spin Recovery -- Bf109E and Spitfire MK 1, 1a, 2a


    'In Pursuit' by Johan Kylander - written for WW2Online but still immensely relevant for all virtual combat pilots.
    Can be viewed online here as a downloadable PDF.

    109 Beginner's Tactical Bible

    Stock 109 Maneuvers - How To

    Bf-110 fighter flying - an approach

    Bf-110 Aggressive approach guide

    Bag the Hun (RAF Gunnery Manual) download

    Aircraft Recognition Guide (PDF)


    CloD surface wind reports

    Basic Radio Procedures and Techniques

    Bf 109 Narrated Introduction to Navigation


    Tutorial -- How to let the A.I regain control of the rear gunner on the Bf 110

    Is it a G.50 or a Hurricane? How to I.D. with Confidence

    Tab 7-1 101 / refresher

    Bomber gunner controls

    Customizing Engine Controls

    (Still WIP!)
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