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Thread: Flight Simulator 2020

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    Re: Flight Simulator 2020

    Spent an evening in MS Flight sim, flying the Spitfire, and the community built Airbus H135 helicopter, both in VR and flat screen.

    Great fun !!

    for those who dont know MS Fligh sim allows you to hot key between VR and normal.... this is a truely superb setup.

    For sight seeing a flat screen with track IR gives unbeatable detail

    For that full on 3D fix just click a button and switch headset (dead eaay) and boom... you are in the plane all claustophobic.

    Flying a helicopter in VR is a million times better than on a flat screen.... unless you are primarilly sight seeing in which case... high res flat screen for me !....

    The ability to fly in VR to where you want to in order scope stuff out... and then switch to 2d when you get there is so so cool !!

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    Re: Flight Simulator 2020

    Yes, it's interesting to know what it feels like in VR - must try it!!!

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