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Thread: Hi All

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    Hi All

    Hello everyone just wanted to say Hi to the group i have been flying sims
    for almost 30 yrs starting back in the Falcon AT and F-17 days yea I'm that OLD

    I have been a trainer in the aircombat sim Warbirds call sign =scrm= and a commander
    of 1 of the largest squadrons the 22nd B/F Group Red Raiders.

    I actively fly IL-2 COD, DCS and for fun X-Plane and FSX..

    So HOWDY ALL.. God Speed and Clear Skys...


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    Re: Hi All

    Welcome Screamer!

    You couldn't have chosen a better time to introduce yourself as ATAG has a love of events going on. What type of planes do you enjoy flying in IL2, and DCS?
    I'm a fan of the Blue side(and all planes in it), but have recently had a ton of flyn' flying Red. I've bought all the Steam versions and mods available for DCS, but stopped flying it sometime back due to losing all my binds. I just don't want to think of rebinding everything. Though another forum member has encouraged me to give it another go. I prefer the Helos to the jets, but sometimes you really just need to go fast.

    Hope to see you online!


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