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Thread: $K TVmonitor

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    $K TVmonitor

    hey gang looking to go 4K TV for monitor, I searched for some threads but found nothing, and I know I have seen bunches of posts, anyone help with some links
    or perhaps a better search word

    Asus Z390 MB, 8 GB Corsair RAM, 850 W Power Supply, Intel Core i7 2700K (2) GeForce GTX 960 1280MB SLI and about a dozen squirrels running on a wheel that I sometimes forget to feed !

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    Re: $K TVmonitor

    Hi Knuckles,
    I was in your case a month ago or so, looking to upgrade my monitor.
    Looked for 4K TVs, but also alternative monitors.
    Ended-up opting for the ASUS Rogue Ultra-Wide monitor, at 3440x1440 (2K, not 4K). for the following reasons:
    1. Higher frame rate. This monitor has the GSync add-on that is fully compatible with my NVIDIA 1070i GPU
    2. Wider screen, gives better immersion imho
    3. PC monitors are designed for close up viewing while TVs are designed for room-distance viewing (that was the argument of the seller, who by the way would have sold both so he was not biased).
    4. My aging eyes would not make the difference between 2K and 4K I think. Besides higher resolution makes it more difficult for long distance target spotting. Some people force lower resolutions down to 1600x900...
    5. NOT price - both would have cost about the same
    I am very pleased with the ASUS. The upgrade from 1080p to 2K is a quantum leap.
    Hope this helps you in your struggle.
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    Setup 2:
    Gigabyte Z390 UD | i7 9700K @3.60GHz | 16.0 GB | Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
    TM Warthog HOTAS | Saitek pro rudder pedals | TrackIR 5 | TeamSpeak 3.3.2 | TS Notifier 1.6.0h

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    Re: $K TVmonitor

    Lots of info there
    There's something good waitin' down this road
    I'm pickin' up whatever's mine.
    "Tom Petty...Runnin' Down A Dream...Full Moon Fever"


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