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Thread: silver spitfire

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    silver spitfire

    it will be up in LA for me, too far to go im afraid
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    Re: silver spitfire

    I’ve been following this on their web page and their FaceBook page. What an adventure!

    I had seriously given thought to making the trip to Ottawa (Gatineau) to join the welcoming crowd and see The Silver Spitfire in person. Unfortunately circumstances and logistics didn’t work out. The 6-hour drive from my home in Kitchener was relatively minor (compared to flying around the world! ), but the flight has understandably been delayed on at least one occasion due to weather. Updates in their progress have been infrequent, so it was nigh impossible to predict when The Silver Spit would actually arrive. No biggie. The mission participants have slightly more pressing issues to deal with than giving Snapper continually adjusted timelines of their route.

    Wishing them a safe completion of their record-setting trip!

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    Re: silver spitfire

    I’d crawl 100 miles on broken glass to meet the Silver G50
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    Re: silver spitfire

    What an adventure! And they say there aren't too many real adventures left!

    The fact that this one includes a real Spitfire will keep us all as happy as sandboys....for weeks on end! (We need a few of 'em for 'Tobruk! Ha ha!)

    Perhaps if TFS keeps up their stirling work, by Patch 25 we'll be able to re-enact this epic flight........................... in a future 'Highseas Tour!'

    Good luck to the Silver Spitfire and all involved! Salute!

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