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Thread: FlightSim review

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    FlightSim review

    "One thing that makes this stand out against other fighter simulators out there is the fatigue system..."

    "For a WWII (SP) simulator you won't get better than this.”

    Nice see little details not disregarded:

    100oc Spit with "100oc boost gauge".
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    Re: FlightSim review

    It really is a fun sim and has held my interest for some time now. Soon I will be free of self imposed projects and I look forward to just shutting out the world and flying WOTR from day one in each of the aircraft and experiencing what is there in the here and now without stopping to take pictures or Testing. Just experiencing the Sim again.
    1lokos, there are some real gems in the details of WOTR and I have a feeling given time, this will only get better. The immersion factor is among the best.



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