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Thread: new players joining the TWC server

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    new players joining the TWC server

    There are some areas that some of the new players do not seem to be aware of.

    First this is a goal oriented scenerio in order to win a map certain targets must be taken out by either side.
    The first side to destroy all primary targets will be rewarded with more planes on the next map. Individual pilots need to help their side destroy these all important targets located on the tab 4/6 menu.

    Second the tab 4 / menu has many options from simple to complex information from server is sent to chat window so make sure you can see a chat window or requesting information will not work unless you have server messages enabled in your chat window.

    Examples are from friendly or enemy radar contacts, these are relevant to your position from the very instant you call. Stats yours and your teams.Current primary targets or current secondary targets. Airport damage, nearest friendly airport, aircraft supply aircraft available to you based on number of kills with no death, time left, number of aircraft left in campaign.

    Next menu is for bomber pilots Knickenbein a radio beam guidance system read Flugs post on operation https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.c...highlight=flug

    Cover available let me explain about this as this is important to bomber pilots some times as a member of a squad you have no teammates online and wish to risk your current alone in the skies with your bomber well this is just for you there are 8 escort aircraft of any type available to you during an single 6 hour mission you can access.
    there are conditions however
    1. you must be in a heavy bomber fb are not allowed escort
    2. you must choose the type and number of escorts
    3. you must be on the ground ready for takeoff roll but stationary to call for escorts
    4. once the mission is over you must release escort to land and go back into stock from which they came
    5.only 8 aircraft of any type are allowed for escort duty in a single map session.

    Notice to new players we encourage you to join either the ATAG teamspeak under TWC Campaign or to use the TWC discord at then go to correct side axis or allied where there are 2 sets of comms one for serious radio communication and one for a more relaxed atmosphere each marked accordingly.

    You can also visit the twc website for more information and visit and register on the TWC forum for information about TWC and the Campaign at where you can also find a discord link.

    Communication among pilots is crucial to the success of your team ability to win so jump right in and wing up and have fun. <S> Fatal
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