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Thread: Idiots guide to events?

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    Idiots guide to events?

    Seeing as I'm an Idiot i'm wondering if there is such a thing as an idiots guide to how the usual ATAG events are supposed to run?

    As an example, I install Teamspeak and join the channel on time, and i connect the game to the server when advised.
    from that point on i'm totally lost, are there sub channels per unit/wing/section? do i have to pick anything in particular on the server?

    I Figured i'd ask here rather than annoy everyone by being utterly clueless (instead being only mildly clueless) on the night.
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    Re: Idiots guide to events?

    On the ATAG Teamspeak there are plenty of subchannels. Usually when an event is about to start you will see a large number of people split between the axis and allied channels


    You just join the channel of the side you want to fly for and get in on the action. There's no sign-up or anything, just make sure you're on the server before all slots are taken.

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    Re: Idiots guide to events?

    "by being utterly clueless "

    believe me, you are in very good and very numeroous company here

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    Re: Idiots guide to events?

    When you log into ATAG Teamspeak you will be prompted for a password- it’s calais (all lower case letters).

    Since we adopted using a password on Teamspeak we no longer get kids on a Friday night (or whenever) disrupting comms with loud music, etc.

    See you online!

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    Re: Idiots guide to events?

    Organizers tend to use the ‘friendly’ chat box in game to update allied of their intentions.

    Keep an eye on that chat box, too.

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    Re: Idiots guide to events?

    Join the server on which the event is ongoing, grip your joystick, jump on Ts and have fun!
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