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Thread: Incredible sound effects

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    Incredible sound effects

    Today, while flying in the DangerDogz server, Marshy and I had a really fun dogfight.

    I managed to get around on his six, and fired a quick burst. My G50 is loaded with high explosive and incinderary rounds. 50/50, alternating.

    The first few rounds hit his left wing, creeping closer to his fuselage. I could hear the sound of my .50 cal rounds smacking metal, then a round hit that sweet spot on the inside of wing and BOOM. I heard the explosion of fuel, and a bright burst of flames tore though the plane.

    It was one of the most incredible series of sounds I’ve heard. Just amazing.

    Thanks for such a great sim, TF.

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    Re: Incredible sound effects

    I really like the new MG 34 sound too on the 109s least I hope that's what's in front of me lol
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