So I've been flying this 109 for about a year now, and I still can't hit the broad side of a barn! I understand that from directly behind, the enemy plane presents a pretty slim profile, and for a bigger target I need to hit from above or below for a bigger profile. However, many times I am right on the enemy's 6 so they fill the entire sight...I'll pull the trigger with a big burst of combined MG and cannon and it doesn't appear that I get even a single hit. When I check my hit percentage it will say 1% or less out of 50-100 rounds. What the heck am I doing wrong? If I am within 50 yards of an enemy plane and they fill my sight, it shouldn't matter what my convergence is, I would think I would get a lot more hits. Obviously I need some training!

Maybe my idea of distances is off?

In this picture, I think I am about 100 meters behind a Blenheim. Is this even close? If my convergence is set to 100 meters shouldn't I nail him?