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Thread: FreeJoy - Joystick controller firmware for ARM STM32 boards

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    FreeJoy - Joystick controller firmware for ARM STM32 boards

    FreeJoy joystick controller firmware, by WG_Magners - similar to MMjoy2 and EasyJoy32One.

    Hardware required: ARM STM32, example ~$2 STM32F103C876.

    FreeJoy firmware supports following features:

    Up to 8 analog axes (12 bit resolution - 4096 points)
    Up to 128 buttons (Wired though Matrix or Shift Register)
    Incremental encoders
    TLE5010/5011 sensors (digital bus instead analog like potentiometer and conventional Hall sensor)
    Shift Registers 74HC165 and CD4021
    Axes to buttons (12 buttons per axis)
    4 POV hats
    Push buttons, toggle switches, inverted buttons, etc.

    All this options can be configured by user-friendly configurator tool - FreeJoy Configurator:

    Note: FreeJoy Configurator require MS NET Framework 4.5.1 installed.

    Instructions on how use FreeJoy Configurator:

    For flashing firmware to ARF STM32 device an ST-LINK v2 programmer is required (or USB-UART converter). Example.

    Instructions how to flash firmware to the device can be found on Github wiki page.

    Source code can be found on Github:

    FreeJoy firmware
    FreeJoy Configurator tool:

    Links to the latest releases:

    FreeJoy is free use under GPL3.0 license, can use it in your commercial projects for free, keeping the code open.

    Autor: WG_Magners
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