I recently updated my Nvidia-driver to 441.87 and found a new frame-limiter that wasn't in my last one:


For weaker systems, it could be set to 40fps to go under the monitor's refresh rate without tearing, even without using vSync. This setting, and also the helpful image-sharpening, can now be adjusted for each application, not only systemwide (as it was for imagesharpening at it's introduction). So one who's frames drop under 60 frames (which is the refresh rates of many monitors) can run CloD fluently without tearing and bigger framedropping that comes with vSync, as his system is capable for at least 40 fps instead of 60.

The frame-limiting results in little, barely not feelable stuttering, but not as much, as I had with rivatuner/nvidia inspector.

Maybe someone with a weak system can take benefit of it!