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Thread: Independent programs for the original IL-2 series

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    Independent programs for the original IL-2 series

    Snapper's edit: I've relocated this great thread down to the '46 Help Center, although I agree a lot of this can apply to Clod. I'll keep it stickied since it contains links to a lot of valuable information. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Thanks for putting this in the right place Snap....~S~

    Independent programs for the original IL-2 1946 series

    Here are some downloadable books and programs that can help an individual learn more about the original IL-2 flight sim. Although these are old now and probably known by most there might still be something here you haven't seen before and still are often at least a jolly good read...and some do actually apply to COD too.

    None of these are my own work however they are all hosted by me to make it easier to download and avoid deleted links.

    The pictures you see are all taken from the specific documents and programs to give you an idea of whats in them....

    I hope you find something new to you here....and if not then at least some entertaining reading....

    Be aware that at best these are upto 4.09.

    As far as I am aware none of these are copyrighted material so can be readily shared.



    InPursuit (PDF)
    A Pilots Guide to Online Air Combat

    In Pursuit is a thorough analogy of all facets of the life of a fighter pilot. In Pursuit covers, in detail, all of the positives and negatives, the things to do and the things not to do in order to become a Top Gun as a fighter pilot. Johan Kylander has given a lot of time and thought into developing a complete and easy to read compilation of all phases of tactical flying.

    Download Link...:


    IL-2 FB+AEP+PF aircraft & cockpit reference guide (PDF)

    This is a short guide to aircraft in earlier versions of IL2 (so don't expect all aircraft ingame to be here). Each aircraft has a brief history paragraph and then Tips on how to fly including Supercharger management, Dive speeds (and at what speeds aircraft disintegrate), Prop pitch management, best altitude performances, vulnerabilities, disadvatages and advantages etc. Then Armament specifications and finally a full list of all the guages and where they are located in the aircrafts cockpit including a numbered screenshot.

    Download Link...:


    IL2 Cockpit Arrangement Guide 4.09(PDF)

    This guide is a PDF file of 172 pages, which describes ALL the cockpits of the 1946 4.09 flyable aircraft with the in-game controls and instruments. Its incredibly comprehensive and has included photographs of the original aircraft cockpits.

    This PDF is 62 MB so allow for time to download...

    Download Link...:


    Newbie's Guide to IL2 Joystick Setups (PDF)

    A fascinating read on joystick management from 'which stick' to dedicating of buttons for individual preference. There is a theory section that shows how each digit of the hand should be used in conjuction with buttons and dedicating controls. There are setups that you can copy straight that have been tried and tested so that you don't have to do the donkey work. There are a number of setups for specific sticks (apart from the Microsoft Sidewinder 2...Which is my only gripe with this PDF)

    Download Link...:


    HardBalls Aircraft Viewer (Updated to 4.09)

    Here is a small program that will give you big advantages ingame....You can compare different aircraft against each other and see what your best options are for beating your opponents....You may have trouble finding this program on the internet so I am hosting it via 'mediafire' for you to download....Here is what it looks like....highlighted in RED are the advantages...

    Download Link....:


    You'll need to 'Extract' the Zip file then open the folder and click the 'SETUP' icon to install it.... After the file has installed you will need to go to..:

    My Computer/ Local Disk (C: )/Program Files/ HardBall's Aircraft Viewer 4.09

    You can open the program by hitting the 'HardBall_409' (Application) icon or right click on this to create a 'Shortcut' that you can drag onto your desktop.


    IL2 Compare....with 4.09 UPDATE

    Not quite as user friendly as the 'HardBall Viewer' and in graph format the 'IL2 Compare' program is still a must for enthusiasts.

    Download Link...:


    Newbie Guide to IL2 Online DogFighting (PDF)

    It is updated to March 3rd 2009 and is a great read and almost a cert for new pilots to Hyperlobby and the servers. DownLoad this even if you are not a 'New pilot' and when you have a spare hour read will learn something new....I guarentee. Complete with good colour illustrations and a pic of our very own guru 'Oleg' (he's the one in the middle by the way..and that gag will complete the slow burn effect when you see the pic)

    Download Link...:



    This is a very comprehensive tutorial on Bombing in IL2 with a 71 page PDF, Quick reference Bombing chart, Formation charts and cockpit photos....

    Download Link...:


    If there are any problems with these downloads then please let me know here or via PM....AND if you have something that you think might be a good addition here then let me know and I'll include it....Thanks

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