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Thread: ... Covid-19

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    ... Covid-19

    ... are first aid (Emergency Room) nurses in Northern Italy, the European epicenter of Coronavirus infection:
    stay at home if you can, whatever your country, this virus is extremely aggressive in terms of transmissibility, superficial behavior is unseemly and criminal!
    My colleagues and I work shifts of 12 hours and over, close to exhaustion! ... many of us, doctors, nurses and health workers have already been infected.
    ... if you are believers pray to your God, if atheists have the strength to hope for the best!
    I embrace you all, virtual flyers! ...

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    Re: ... Covid-19

    We wish you and your colleagues good health and strength. For those who have contracted the COVID-19 virus, we hope you have a full and speedy recovery.

    Everyone, please heed your health officials’ advice and take every step possible to keep you, your family, and loved ones safe.

    Take care, all!

    Snapper, on behalf of ATAG.

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