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Thread: Before starting server checks

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    Before starting server checks

    As part of my pre-flight check, I always enter the default quick mission as soon as I load the CLoD program. Then I can check my gaming system:

    I check that the mirror is ON and painting a good aft picture. (This always prevents the NO-Mirror issue in my system.)

    The following preflight checks are all logical steps that every pilot takes before engine startup.

    I always run a few controller commands; throttle, pitch and roll and especially my USB rudder pedals which will occasionally fail to initialize at startup. (Simulates the flight control check)

    Next, I issue a voice activated command to make sure that my optional VAC accessory is working. (Simulates ground radio clearances)

    Finally I look to see the DISCORD/TeamSpeak players' names display properly as an overlay. (Simulates formation check-in)

    Spending 15 seconds doing these before engine start checks has saved me many wasted minutes unnecessarily exiting the server and restarting the mission!

    [Reprinted from "Bug Tracking and Error Reporting" thread]
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