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Thread: Booty & Agent map Cambridge glitch?

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    Booty & Agent map Canterbury glitch?

    We've observed consistently that within a very short time Canterbury airfield is greyed out, though it hasn't been knocked out, or possibly even attacked.

    Looking through the search history I see a similar posting in Nov 2017 concerning Wissant airfield on the same map.


    EDIT: Changed errant Cambridge subject to Canterbury. Idiot me had Cambridge on the brain talking about the Duxford Battle of Britain airshow prior to writing this !
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    Re: Booty & Agent map Cambridge glitch?

    Also I think it a bit weird that while I warmed up a Beaufighter in Eastchurch and got it into the air in about 7 or 8 minutes after campaign start, Blue already managed to destroy 5 ships (those were the ones reported as destroyed when I took off, others were already damaged but had not sunk down yet).

    Its no fun playing defender, when you don't even have the chance to get near the attackers, while they destroy the targets at will.


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