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Thread: Multi-layered skin templates

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    Multi-layered skin templates

    Hi all,

    Many people have asked us is we could supply multi layered skin templates

    Thanks to TFS's Major Setback, the first multi-layered skin templates have now been added to the ATAG forum's download section!

    Our first batch of templates are for:

    - Spitfire
    - Hurricane
    - D520
    - Kittyhawk
    - Tomahawk


    More templates will be added later.

    These are quite detailed, but very simple to use. They include several camouflage colours (Desert and Channel), and several different national markings depending on the aircraft type.

    Example of the templates. Here is how they look in Photoshop Elements:

    example 1.jpg

    example 1b.jpg

    And here is how they look in Photoshop CS2 (an older version):

    Photoshop example 1 (1).jpg

    Very little skill is needed when using the templates. You need to view the layers, then just turn on or off layers (by clicking so the eye symbol shows - see the screen captures).

    Changing the colours
    You can change the colours of the various camouflage pattern parts if you like. The camouflage layers are locked for transparency, so depending on your software all you would need to do is use the paint bucket to change the colour (transparency and edge should be preserved) ... so just flood the layer with colour. Un-tick the box at the top of the picture called 'contiguous' and you will only need to click once with the paint bucket! This option will show when you chose the paint bucket:

    example 1c.jpg

    NOTE: Turn off the white (or black) background layer outline, it is just there as a rough guide. It will probably show in-game if not turned off.

    Looking forward to seeing some great screenshots!


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    Re: Multi-layered skin templates

    For those who (like me) do not want to purchase PhotoShop just for this, you can use the excellent "" software which is absolutely free and downloadable from here.

    And to allow it to work with PhotoShop documents you need the PSD plugin, also completely free, and downloadable from here.

    Setup 1:
    Lenovo 10NK000TEX | i7 7700K @3.60GHz | 16.0 GB | Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    T16000M FCS HOTAS | CH_PRO Pedals | TrackIR 5 | TeamSpeak 3.3.2 | TS Notifier 1.6.0h

    Setup 2:
    Gigabyte Z390 UD | i7 9700K @3.60GHz | 16.0 GB | Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
    TM Warthog HOTAS | Saitek pro rudder pedals | TrackIR 5 | TeamSpeak 3.3.2 | TS Notifier 1.6.0h

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    Re: Multi-layered skin templates

    GIMP ( can open *.psd files too.
    It preserves layer information and can export to practically any image format.

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