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Thread: The wind noise

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    The wind noise

    The loud howling wind noise when you jettison the canopy, has the volume been turned down for some reason? I just loved that noise. Reading in all my books about pilots who had to bail out many of them comment of the wind howling into the cockpit when they jettison the canopy. Even when the sliding window on the 109s was opened that made quite a noise. If we can have the volume turned up again that would be great...If it's the same then it's something in my game settings lol

    "He released his safety belt. As he came out of the next turn, he tripped the emergency release for the canopy. The plexiglass cover went whipping in the slipstream and wind howled and tore around the cockpit." From The Blond Knight of Germany

    Howled and tore. That's the way it use to sound

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