Hi everyone,

On an excellent suggestion by a longtime forum member, a new forum has been created: Flight Sim Hardware.


Let's face it, at some point everyone is looking to upgrade their equipment, be it their PC's, a video card, flight stick, rudders, or a whole HOTAS setup. The odds are that someone on this forum is familiar with what you're looking for and can give some good input into your buying decision. By the same token, if you've just acquired a new piece of equipment, please feel free to start a thread in this new forum and let us know what you think - what you like, what you don't like, do you think it's good value for the money? We want to know!

I've already moved down two excellent threads that have recently been started in this General Pilots Bar forum; they both rightfully deserve a more appropriate venue. I will scour the forum for similar informative threads and if I've missed one, please shoot me the link to it and I'll be pleased to move it into the Flight Sim Hardware forum.

Thanks and cheers!