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    Bomber #666

    In 1943, a B-17 Flying Fortress laid low in a boneyard, ready to be torn apart for scraps. The aircraft came with a questionable reputation, having suffered heavy damage during its warfare missions. Many believed this was due to its ominous tail number, 41-2666.

    But the aircraft was salvaged by a group of nine so-called military renegades led by pilot Jay Zeamer. Renamed as Old 666, the misfits put so many weapons on the aircraft that it looked almost comical, and the plane became the most heavily-armed bomber in the Pacific.

    During one dangerous operation over New Guinea, the heavily-armored B-17 put all its weaponry to good use, taking part in one of the most decorated missions in American military history…

    The 'Eager Beavers', the most highly decorated military aircrew in US military service.
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