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Thread: BR.20: bombsight/bombing

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    BR.20: bombsight/bombing

    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this thing, but i was advised to do it here.

    Having to translate the FCs in Italian, I found myself faced with a doubt
    The FC says (rightly) to use the TAS, but for some reason in the BR.20 you have to use the IAS (strange but true). Now I don't know if this is a bug or a simplification of the game (maybe possible, being the BR.20 one of the first CloD planes).
    I am therefore doubtful if it is smarter to write on the FC what works in-game or how the procedure should be (but which doesn't work in game).

    When we started using the BR.20 for ITAF missions, we consulted the FCs, but we quickly saw that that method didn't work. So we dusted off some old forum posts and found some input, and then we ran a lot of tests.

    I can however point out a possible bug of the bombsight, because it reaches a maximum of 2700 m, which seems very little considering that the Italians bombed from about 5000 m.

    In game, in every way, it is possible to increase the altitude-usage by using speed adjustments.

    If anyone is interested, these are the values that currently work in game:
    - use IAS
    - add + 10 km/h if you are using the 800 kg bomb, - 20 km/h if you are with 100 kg bomb
    - subtract 10 km/h every 100 m above 2700 m. Ex. 3000 m = - 30 km/h from IAS

    I hope I have summarized it clearly (maybe not too much)
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    Re: BR.20: bombsight/bombing

    Are different opinions about, all "correct".

    Blenheim, Br.20 don't need TAS input, but IAS adjusted like you say.


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