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Thread: Gray Eagles Documentary (P-51)

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    Gray Eagles Documentary (P-51)

    A wonderful documentary with glorious scenematic footage and great story line.
    Video in the link below

    Jim Brooks
    Maj. James L. Brooks entered the Army Air Corps in 1942 learning to fly a Fairchild PT-19. He graduated as a Second Lieutenant and in April 1944, and began his combat tour in Europe. There he flew the P-51B Mustang escorting heavy bombers, B-24s and B-17s in the Balkans and southern Europe. He flew 55 missions / 263 combat hours, scoring 13 and a half victories.

    Major Brooks has received the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross with one oak leaf cluster and the Air Medal with 21 clusters.
    About the doccy
    Unlike traditional historical films, "Gray Eagles" is told from a unique perspective. It tells the story, from the viewpoint of Brooks' grandchildren, giving it a youthful, contemporary voice. The survival of history depends on the sharing of first-hand accounts. It is this human connection across generations that makes the film's message so deeply emotional and poignant. As a boy, filmmaker Chris Woods had a neighbor named Jim Brooks. A soft-spoken man, Brooks' unassuming facade was hiding a daring past as a Mustang pilot during World War II. On rare occasions, Brooks would tell young Woods stories of that time and place, firing the young boy's imagination with images of aerial battles and death-defying engagements. Brooks couldn't know at the time, but by recounting his stories, he was guaranteeing that at least one more generation would hold these memories for safe keeping. In truth, those stories did more than that. Woods went on to become an accomplished pilot and plane restorer. A tired old Mustang came across his path, and he decided to paint it identically to the Mustang Brooks flew in Europe called "February." It would become Woods' homage to the man who ignited his desire for flight and helped fuel his passion for history. But more importantly, "February" would inspire Brooks, a man whose stoic reluctance to share his war stories had prevented his family from knowing his courageous past, to break his silence. Partaking in the reunion of their grandfather with the Mustang "February," we watch as Jim's grandchildren begin to appreciate more deeply their grandfather's contributions to his generation and theirs, and in the process gain a first-hand experience for themselves that none could have imagined. Woods' interviews with Brooks, his grandchildren, and other airmen who were touched by the Mustang's role in history are cut together to create a compelling narrative to accompany the stunning photography. The raw wartime photos of the ace and the Mustang in their prime add depth and visual impact to this memorable, emotional, and powerful film.

    If from what I can find on the internet is correct, he passed away on the 13th March 2020 at the age of 99, RIP

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    Re: Gray Eagles Documentary (P-51)

    Dis maar baie mooi boet!

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    Re: Gray Eagles Documentary (P-51)

    Great story, great find....Thanks for posting
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