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Thread: 109K roll rate

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    109K roll rate

    I haven't purchased DCS yet and I was wondering what the 109K roll rate was like? I love Cliffs of Dover-Desert Wings 109s
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    Re: 109K roll rate

    Roll rate is comparable but it's the speed of the thing that makes it pretty much untouchable if u have the height to use it in. IMO anyway.
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    Re: 109K roll rate

    The 109K above 8.5 km can run very fast without MW-50 (turn it off). Below it, it can run very fast with it.
    And it can do loops with its powerful engine. So you can bounce enemies and also dogfight (below 6 km and thereabouts) even with a Spit. Just stay in the vertical.

    Without MW-50 the K-4 is a fat pig that can’t really do anything well in normal altitudes. Except flying straight and fast above 8.5 km. Then expect your left wing to drop all the time when turning.

    Roll rate is ok if you get yourself in a scissors fight or need to split S quickly. It is good enough for that then. Otherwise you don’t really need to roll too much at max rate.

    The 109 locks up quite quickly above 600 km there, so watch out for that when diving on someone. Mustangs and Spits have a lot of pitch authority and will just chandelle away from you if they see you soon enough while you shoot through like a freight train.
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