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Thread: Dust of the Desert server mission

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    Dust of the Desert server mission

    Hi guys its been a minute!
    I have been working on a complex mission called Dust of the Desert. The mission has been shelved for a bit, but I decided to clean it up and make a down and dirty 2 base by 2 base dogfight map out of it. It has very detailed Spawn airfields 1 for fighter and 1 farther back for all Trop aircraft including bombers. Its a clean map, just needs whatever scripting needed to make it playable on the server. ( IE win/ loss parameters) I don't have the time or know how, to finish the fine details. The airfields are heavily protected by AAA to prevent most vulching. If anyone wants to take this and make it playable...or even add to it , let me know and I will send you the .mis file. I would love to see this on the server, and possibly have an event to gain interest. I think a fun quick down and dirty dogfight map would go a long way to generate some excitement to get players back on the server again.


    Allied spawn fighter.jpg

    Allied Bomber spawn.jpg

    Axis fighter spawn.jpg

    Axis bomber spawn.jpg

    Axis Bomber base Ckpoint.jpg



    tank battle1.jpg

    Panzers on the move.jpg

    Dust of the Desert.jpg

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    By ATAG_Lewis

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    Re: Dust of the Desert server mission

    Hey Ribbs

    Great to see you!

    This mission looks great. Please check your inbox.


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