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Thread: Wanted! - Desastersoft Campaigns for CLoD

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    Wanted! - Desastersoft Campaigns for CLoD

    Hi all

    I have searched high and low but can't find any of the Desastersoft campaigns anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get them, or has some they are willing to sell then please contact me.



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    Re: Wanted! - Desastersoft Campaigns for CLoD

    Hi slipper,
    Unfortunately Desastersoft campaigns was sold to another party who no longer supports them, which explains their lack of availability.
    Also, if you do manage to buy one from somewhere make sure it doesn't need to be updated from their non-existent website in order to run. The Wicks Vs Dundas campaign is an example of that. I used to have it, but when I changed computers and reinstalled it I was unable to update and it no longer runs. It's a pity because they were great campaigns that Cliffs can always do with more of.
    Good Luck and happy hunting, Cheers, Scream.
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