Under the above you will find these Categories for Key Bindings..
Game/General/Aircraft/Turret/View/Camera/PanView/QuickView/Game Time/Comms/Chat/Vehicle/Builder

And these for Axis..

Approximately 600 events to choose from.

Those of you new to the game may find it difficult to initially setup your controls. Finding where a certain event is can be frustrating, knowing where the mirror or map control is located for example can take time to find.
I have made a spreadsheet of all events and posted it in the Downloads section of this forum here

The spreadsheets contains a listing of the Events, and Key Assignment within the game. The zip file is the Excel spreadsheet, the PDF is the same information at the zip file but not in Excel format.
Those having Excel would have the ability to do searches, column sorts and others looks in addition to a simple "Find" which is what the PDF file will offer.