Hello all!

We have a relatively small group of people (around 12-14) that play the Great Battles and Cliffs of Dover series who run a Co-Op Campaign. Our group is based around creating as realistic an experience as possible, using tools like SRS, Mission Planner, and true to life Campaign settings. We have a great mix of experience, with some of our pilots just recently getting into the game, meaning we can help get any level of experience up and flying! We fly almost every day, with pilot statistics and campaign progress tracked at all times.

Right now we are flying the Bf-109 G-4 and G-2 in Great-Battles, but will be moving throughout the war from the Battle of Stalingrad to Kuban, Bodenplatte, and Normandy when its out. We also have personal squadron skins for each tail number of aircraft, plus personal ace skins, so when you join you will get your own plane for all to see!

For our cliffs players, we are currently waiting for the new VR and Graphics Update to hit before we start our new campaign. This will run alongside the Great-Battles missions keeping track of there individual respective statistics. In the meantime however, there are a few of us who enjoy hopping in multiplayer or creating some fun co-op missions to practice and get some flights in!

If you would like some more information, or want to check us out, our discord is linked below!

[Early Flight] - Friday | 1PM PST

[Later Flight] - Friday | 9PM PST

[Random Flights] - Posted throughout the week at different times


Discord - https://discord.gg/Kmduy83fRt

Hope to see some of you there! Thanks!