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Thread: Time for the RTX3080ti plunge?

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    Time for the RTX3080ti plunge?

    After waiting for a couple of years, the Nvidia RTX 3080ti's have dropped through the $900 barrier! Nvidia has made it harder for the Crypto miners to use these newer versions so that we gamers might find them affordable with no loss of gaming performance.

    I just replaced two GTX 1080ti's (in 2-way SLI) with an MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB for $869.99 at Free shipping, but state tax was added. They offered a $30 rebate which is paperless so you needn't cut the label off the box and a free Spider-Man game that's made for this graphics card. Newegg is the cheapest I could find, but be aware of their "Replacement Only" returns policy on this item. Item #: N82E16814137650

    I am really impressed with the improvement in performance, especially when head tracking at high rates. I no longer have to overclock but VSync is still necessary to avoid tearing in CLoD. Overall, I give it Three Thumbs UP!
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