You will have noticed a number of updates to the TWC Operation Jubilee Server - which is generally running 24/7 in the multiplayer section of Cliffs of Dover Blitz.

Overall, this is a multi-month campaign where each side has the goal of pushing their frontline across the Channel in order to initiate an invasion of the other side. You fly high-altitude recon missions to identify objectives and their locations - many of which are constantly on the move or frequently relocate to stymie enemy attacks - lead large bomber formations to take out enemy assets, lead smaller "sturmovik" low-level ground attack missions to take out moving convoys and other objectives, defend against enemy bombing raids, engage enemy fighters, and fly repair and resupply missions.

An extensive statistics and promotion system tracks literally every shot, bomb, damage, and kill - whether air, ground, AA, or naval.

The campaign features very long mission times, generally 8 hours, runs sunup to sundown, and runs in "real time" - meaning, for example, that if an airport or aircraft repair takes two days, then it will be repaired in two days real time, not just game time.

Objectives and damage are real and persistent - for example, if you drop a bomb an an airfield runway, then the crater will obstruct runway operations until it is repaired, generally a few hours. If you sufficiently damage an airport or other military asset, repairs may take several days or even weeks.

Your damage takes a real toll on the enemy - for example, if you take an an airport, the enemy can no longer use it. If you reduce the enemy's fuel supply, they begin to face real limits on the amount of fuel they can use. If you take out the enemy's radar installations, they will be blind on that part of the map. If you destroy the enemy's aircraft, their supply of that type of aircraft becomes limited - until they can produce more. If you crash your aircraft, or it is shot down, supply is reduced - and both sides have run out of vital aircraft types at times. If your aircraft is damaged, repairs may take many hours before it is returned to the available supply. And so on.

At the same time, your side can work to repair objectives by flying in squadrons of up to 10 aircraft with supplies and repair crews. And you can resupply aircraft to forward bases by ferrying new aircraft from distant, safer parts of the map to forward, operational sectors.

The campaign takes place over the entire Channel map, though with a concentration around the French Point/English Point area.

The highly customized map features literally tens of thousands of individual ground objectives, hundreds of customized and constantly changing objectives for each side, use of all airfields on the map plus a few additional special "provisional" airfields, and much more.

It is designed to be fun and engaging to fly whether there are just one or two people online, or twenty, or 120. There is always something important to do, something important to defend, something important to recon, and something important to repair or resupply.

Here are the most recent updates to the campaign:

  • #1. Restarted the campaign and though it has been running for a fair while, is still quite near the zero point. (Looks like Blue is up 608 points just at the moment.)
  • #2. It is possible to switch sides as you like - so you might consider choosing your side to even up the sides more, either on that particular day or over the campaign as a whole. (Red has won the past several campaigns in a row - I know a number of pilots choosing Blue this campaign just for that reason.)
    • Note that there are secrets you can learn by joining one team and then quickly switching to the other etc etc etc. That is why in the past we made your decision to fly one side or the other permanent for that campaign.

      For now we are depending on your honor as pilots to NOT take advantage of these things when you switch sides - so we'll see how that goes, and make adjustments as necessary.

  • #3. A bunch of bug fixes & tweaks - most prominently, individual points are now awarded correctly for flying a successful repair or ferry mission. Also a bug that prevented proper repair of an objective if it was not completely destroyed was fixed. It should be easier to repair radar installations esp. if they are closely surrounded by AA batteries (though you still need pinpoint accuracy on your drop for these).
  • #4. HQ on both sides have made the decision to step up routine fighter patrols and bombing missions.
    • Fighter pilots: Do whatever you can to stop those incoming bomber squadrons. They WILL be attacking your key military assets - destroying airports, fuel storage, and all the rest.
    • Bomber pilots, recon pilots: You'll need to be even more vigilant to avoid fighter patrols whenever you fly.

  • #5. HQ on both sides have stepped up AA defenses quite considerably. Fly accordingly! Flying low, slow, and straight over enemy strongpoints is guaranteed to be a fatal error . . .
  • #6. HQ on both sides have noticed ongoing fuel shortages, and have implemented a policy of creating hidden, highly fortified fuel dumps in a number of secret locations across the countryside. A big part of your assignment this campaign is to locate and destroy these vital fuel storage sites on enemy ground, while protecting your own. The status of these fuel storage sites has a direct impact on fuel availability for your aircraft.
  • #7. HQ now directs only a relatively few primary objectives, leaving the remainder to be determined by local initiative.