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Thread: CoD refuses to run after new install on win10 new pc

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    Unhappy CoD refuses to run after new install on win10 new pc

    CoD fails to launch despite everything done correctly.

    is it needing a C++ redistributable that it cant find when it shows the download box ? WHICH ONE SHOULD I INSTALL MYSELF ? see below...

    New PC win10 64bit pro,
    Create folder for Steam as I had on win7, at D:\Steam, yes thats D drive , as always done before on xp then win7.
    Firstly I install assetto Corsa to there from Steam, it runs,
    then buy and install Plane mechanic from steam, install it there, it runs.
    Now I install IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover ( I also have there in Library Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz )
    I want to run basic CoD first and 4.53 and I am told by RAF74_Buzzsaw all versions run on Win10. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.c...561#post383561

    However on a Steam forum I now see:-
    What operating system are you using? Because the original CoD game will not work with W10. Blitz will. by RAF74_Buzzsaw responding to Gallwaydave 29 july 2019.

    This is contradictory and concerning as I need to run 4.53 Blitz (unless the horrid electric blue reflections and shadows in cockpit are resolved now ?...even then the colour engine has changed messing up all my accurate RLM colour skins, and Halenkreuz fix doesnt work. skinning many aircraft with such is impractical,) however compatability mode as someone found runs it, I tried that and no joy.

    I presume the non suffix Blitz is first up for install, esp if Blitz is the 5.0 as I want 4.53Blitz
    After install I double click the shortcut it gives, it wants to install NET framework 3.5 (includes 2 and 3 ) it says, I let it do so.
    It wants to reboot PC when done, It does so.
    I d/click the shortcut and it does another install , this time Microsoft VC Redistributable takes a second if that, as if nothing happened, I see it say Synch to Steam Cloud.
    I d/click the shortcut, nothing happens, I go to the launcher.exe at D:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and dclick it, nothing.

    I r/c it run as admin, nothing.

    I turn off Kaspersky Internet security.
    try all this again, NOTHING.

    I have never ever failed to get CoD to run, I had always Steam on D drive, and CoD variants made from it, they all ran.

    I have done everything correct here, even disable KIS.
    Windows Firewall says controlled by KIS, turn KIS off and it has tick beside IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and tick for public and private and all that appears to mean its allowed, looking at other items with same ticks.

    I then go to Steam and r/c the IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and go properties and local files and verify and result says all ok.
    I also r/c again and choose general and untick Steam overlay as is another suggestion elsewhere. No Joy.

    I then try for compatability mode as a poster says when they went to win10 pro (as I am ) it wouldnt run then they ran it in compatabilyt mode win7 and it ran, I do same and nothing happens.

    What now ?

    Well no one has mentioned this in the maybe this will work list, that second dark grey box that opens when I dclick the shortcut, it says Microsoft VLC redistributable.
    I am told by the PC guy who helped build this PC that it is in fact referring to Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable, though it doesnt say that wording, and why nothing appears on the download progress bar before it vanishes in 1 second, declaring synch to Steam Cloud, is that IT HAS NOT FOUND THE C++ !!!

    OMG...this could be it then. Why, he says its no longer available !
    OMG DoD is after something that doesnt exist anymore !!!
    I look on my Progs via Control Panel, I have C++2005 and ditto x64 and as well as 2008 x64 and x86, then 2010 x64 and x86, 2012 x64 and x86, 2013 x64 and x86 and finally 2015-2022 x64 and x86.
    Surely it should find one there it is happy with.
    Why is it showing me that panel and the progress bar not doing anything for a momwent then panel vanishes ?
    I see I have 2015 x64 and x86 as two files and that doesnt exist in the list, I will install that and see what happens.

    Other than that, the suggested Controlled folder issue which needs to be turned off for CoD, denies me access to that panel, contact IT admin it says. I am told its controlled by Kaspersky if KIS is installed, which it is.

    mein Gott surely CoD should not be this difficult to run, never had problems before, win7 admittedly, win10 a total pain the $%^&.

    I need to run 4.53, also where do I get 4.53 from ?

    This was my last thing of a three month win10 build and then desperateley get back to work, 3 months to catch up on. I must get this operational, never been without CoD.

    Do I have to contact Steam, bet they havent a clue. and I am right, they say not ours so cant help ! try the publishers, well I can forget that, as if they exist.

    having done everything right, so I am at a loss to know just what to do or try. This is a squeeky clean win10 build, no bugs or glitches until this.

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