Hi All!

I've got DCS for some time but only recently started setting it up properly. I'm starting with the WW2 set, and want to move on to jets later. In IL-2 GB there's a telemetry app that I have on a standalone tablet, it sends info via wi-fi and allows real time readout.


For DCS, I've seen this kinda similar app on the play store:


But it doesn't seem to work for me in DCS, I wonder if that's because it was last updated in 2015...

Is there something similar that would work for WW2 plane set and also for the Jets? I don't mind if it's 2 different apps actually as long as I can get real time readout... Ideally it would be an android/google play solution.

And tangential question is there something like a "quick view zoom" in DCS? Not snapviews, just a predefined quick zoom to a particular FOV?

Thanks in advance